Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Some Vaastu Tips For Home To Attract Harmony And Bliss!

Home is an ultimate place where a person can spend his leisure hours. It is the place, where a person gets an unconditional love and care and the most relaxing shelter, which will make a person, feel relieved as soon as he or she enters!

People these days’ lead a busy life and are really not realizing how the surroundings are controlling them. There are certain places in our homes where we don’t like to spend more hours, and there are some places where we can spend time for extended hours. The same thing can also happen at the workplace. The solution to these problems lies with Indian Vastu Shastra.

In this write-up we shall discuss some of the vaastu tips for home:

Keep your house clutter-free:

A person should ensure that the house is free from unnecessary mess as it may allow the entry of negative energy in the house. It is better to keep the interiors simple and elegant.

A brighter shade main door:

Since the main door has the great significance in vastu shastra, it is advised to colour it in brighter shades as they tend to bring in positive energy than the darker ones.

Wall colours:

Wall colours should be chosen appropriately, as it reflects our inner-self. The colours of your walls will greatly influence the style, mood and appearance of the house.

Wall d├ęcor in the house:

People should avoid putting picture of an eagle on the wall as it may create unrest, agony or distress among the house members. Keeping paintings according to vastu shastra like displaying picture of horses to gain name and fame!

Family picture brings in positivity and happiness:

It is also good to have a wonderful family picture in your house that tends to bring in positivity by improving relations among family members.

The above mentioned are some of significant Vaastu tips for house that should be taken into consideration to bring positivity in your place. It would help you develop a pleasing and happy environment in your home.

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