Friday, 8 July 2016

How to Make Your Bedroom Vastu Compliant?

Bedroom is the place where a person spends most of his relaxing hours. It is the place where one can get a peaceful environment and rejuvenate one’s mind, soul and body to get set for the next day. Any kind of clutter in your bedroom may irritate you, so it is better to keep your bedroom clean and clutter free.

Due to the poor environment of the bedroom, people might face some sleep disorders. Applying the rules of vastu shastra in your bedroom may help you in eliminating such sleep linked problems. According to the vastu rules, there are certain things, which are to be considered before designing the bedroom. These are: placement of bed, location, direction and placement of doors, windows and furniture, colour scheme and sleeping directions as per gender and date of birth.

Get Vastu tips for bedroom in hindi from the best vastu consultants and design your bedroom accordingly. It will definitely help you get a sound sleep, which is important for your health. Some of the noteworthy elements of bedroom that should be taken care of, are Direction of furniture and various electronic gadgets, wall colours of the bedroom and position of the bed.

If you want to get Vastu tips for bedroom in Hindi, you can approach Saral Vaastu who will guide you with certain information regarding designing your bedroom according to the vastu rules.

Here, we shall discuss some of the Vastu tips for bedroom:
  • A person should avoid placing God idols and worship place in the room.
  • Introducing the soothing and delicate lights for the bedroom would be a great thing!
  • It is advised not to place an aquarium or plants in the bedroom.
Vastu Shastra is a scientific solution that helps people live a happy and prosperous life. People have been dependent on Vastu since long time for living a blissful life and keeping problems away.

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