Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Multiply Your Happiness by Following The Principles of Vastu Shastra

How much do you believe in Vastu Shastra? Have you ever thought that your problems in life can be solved through Vastu? However, it depends on the mindset of an individual whether he or she believes in it or not. Some people are strong believers whereas others may not pay attention to it.
Indian Vastu Shastra is considered as one of the oldest traditional sciences that are linked with creation of homes. It is believed that undertaking architecture as per Vastu brings in positive energy in the house as well as at workplace. It is helpful for success, health, wealth, joy and many other things linked to your life.
To eliminate your life problems and bring in happiness and prosperity, you should construct Vaastu compliant house and offices. 

Here, we shall discuss some of the Vastu tips, which you can use for your dream home:  
  • Entrance or the main door is main in any house and is indeed an essential element of Vastu Shastra. Instead of lending a dark shade to your main door, it is good to dye it in a brighter shade, which is believed to bring in more positivity in the house.
  • Since your living room is the main destination in your house where your guests are welcomed and made to sit, it should be clutter free and clean, that would certainly bring positive energy in your house.
  • Avoid placing mirror in the bedroom, and if you already have the cupboard or dressing table with mirror, you should cover it with a cloth while sleeping as according to vastu, it leads to family conflicts and ill health.
  • Keeping a tulsi plant at your home is good, which acts as a purifier and will help clear the negative energy from the house.
  • Embellish your wall with the picture of horses in order to gain name and fame.
  • Any room of your house should not be kept locked or shut for a long period of time as it may bring negative energy in the house.
The above listed are some of the Vastu tips that a person can apply at his or her home. Happiness in one’s life is directly or indirectly linked with the factors like wealth, health, relationships and much more. If these factors are not playing their roles properly in a person’s life, it becomes a life-linked problem for him or her!  To get the solutions for these issues, you have many experts in the field, like Saral Vaastu consultants who will help you resolve it efficiently.

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